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INA KAA – Stockholm, Sweden 2011 2

INA KAA – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

Kristin Amparo is involved in several projects. You readers of YAM know her as the lead singer of Combo De La Musica, a band about whom I’ve written before. This evening, Kristin stood alone with her two companions that make up INA KAA, Kristin’s solo project.

JYJ – Berlin, 2011 1

JYJ – Berlin, 2011

After a long world tour, that included several cities in Asia, the US and one stop in Canada, JYJ closed their tour with two stops in Europe.


Kapten Röd – Stockholm, Sweden 2012

Swedish Reggae is a genre as unthinkable as German Salsa or something like that. Nevertheless, Kapten Röd (Captain Red in English) is one of the most popular new artists in Sweden right now.