#DoubleFeature: Life, Taste, Dad and Roaches

Recently caught Taiwan’s Little Big Women (孤味) and found many similar themes to my favorite 2019 film, Hong Kong’s Fagara (花椒之味). Little Big Women‘s original title translated to Taste of Loneliness, while Fagara‘s translates to The Flavor of Sichuan Pepper, hence both contain the character of 味 Wei (Taste/Flavor). Both center on the lives of women – who relate to food in one way or the other – dealing with the passing of a male member of the family who has left a messy trail in life, and may or may not have come back to life as a cockroach.

You can catch Little Big Women on Netflix (probably worldwide); and according to Letterboxd, you can catch Fagara on iTunes US, AsianCrush US, Rakuten Viki (only US so far) and geoblocked FandangoNow US.


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