Sex Education – Season 1

Netflix’s latest foray into young-adult-teen programming puts us in a bubble that places us into a 80s-90s nostalgia crossover of American high school films set in modern day England, following the life of Otis (Asa Butterfield), struggling with the inherent awkwardness of being a teenager trying to be somewhat “normal,” and his sex therapist divorced mother (Gillian Anderson), who is constantly meddling with his life.

Unable to touch himself down there, but still ever the eloquent sex therapist kid; the school’s street-smart social outcast Maeve (Emma Mackey) sees a business opportunity and suggests setting up a clinic to help all the other students with their physical and emotional problems; giving us tips on, well… Sex Education.

With quick-witted dialog and -almost- too absurd over-the-top situations, the first eight episodes breeze through in one or two sittings, but never sacrifices some of the heartfelt moments like the extreme push-and-pull Otis’ friendship with BFF Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) goes through; as well as Maeve’s complicated relationship with, well, everything in her life. Even the school’s bully, Adam (Connor Swindells), who constantly picks on Eric has a compelling background story.

While adhering to the trappings of high school films of boy meets girl, girl meets boy, love stories, dating, friendships and bullies; Sex Education manages to create an engaging universe that stands on its own in a very tight frame, and we hope it continues with that swift pace.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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