Author: Diandra Rodriguez

reviews about tv shows


Hannibal – Season 1

Hannibal overturns expectations of crime procedurals and Lecter incarnations by focusing on the first-hand and secondhand effects of murder on the mind.

In the Flesh 2

In the Flesh

If the living dead could be ‘rehabilitated,’ could they still return to their previous lives?


Utopia (UK Show)

Channel 4’s intense thriller brings whiplash twists, dynamic characters, a distinctive score, and some of the most breathtaking images produced for television this year.


Revenants, Les – Season 1

Described as “a French Twin Peaks”, “a LOST-like mystery”, and “the anti-Walking Dead”, this restrained take on zombie drama asks: When the dead rise, what will they want from us?


Rani (2011)

Convicted of treason! Sentenced to beheading! Sold to a brothel! Lost and amnesia-stricken abroad! Can the smart, stubborn Jolanne survive?