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Ai Love (2012)

Doze Niu’s follow-up to his gangster drama is a complex dramedy about various types of love in contemporary China-Taiwan relations.


Stefne Miller – Salvaged

Attie is an ordinary teenage girl — very witty, smart and very much afraid. As the first book of two, Salvaged tells the story of how she gets closer to God, to her family and to a boy she wants to love.


Notebook, The

Nicholas Sparks and the cheesy movie poster doesn’t help, but guess what? The Notebook was actually a pretty darn good romance.


Marit Larsen – Spark

Marit Larsen’s The Spark is certainly more pop rock than ever, with really soft hints of folk with a grandeur background orchestra.


Chico & Rita

Chico & Rita is a chronicle of long lost love, as the couple’s relationship is a roller-coaster of emotions, but it also follows the evolution of Cuban music.


Larry Crowne

Tom Hanks stars with eternal sweetheart Julia Roberts in Larry Crown, a slightly clichéd romantic comedy about a working class-hero and his will to survive.


SNSD – The Boys

SNSD are back with their old tricks as they release a very strong title-track, but the rest of their album doesn’t follow it. An album that hardly shows the development of SNSD as a group… but does it matter when you are a die-hard fan?