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Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

What was supposed to be a more organic concept album turned out to be something a little more U2 meets Rihanna. Were Coldplay’s original ideas better?


Yoon Mi Rae – Get It In

Via The Creators Project we get this: a great collaboration between Lumpens and Drunken Tiger’s female rapper Yoon Mi Rae (aka Tasha Reid). It’s bloody, it’s high-tech and it’s very much a tribute to Kill Bill.

Yelle – Stockholm, Sweden 2011 0

Yelle – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

The entire club was dancing, screaming, throwing their hands in the air and trying to sing along in French. From start to end, no one stood still for a second. Yelle came to Stockholm and rocked her socks out at Club Popaganda.


Vintage – Trees

Vintage (Винтаж) releases their music video for Trees (Деревья), fourth single from their upcoming third album Anya (Анечка), directed by Sergei Tkachenko (Сергей Ткаченко).


Bjork – Moon

Bjork has put together the music video for Moon, which she art directed, produced and directed… which can only mean one thing: PURE BJORK.


SingerSen – Sirens

SingerSen’s sound is infectious, the beats are Guy Sigsworth’s signature, but added to her Mandarin vocals, it gives the production a killer distinctiveness.


Laure Shang – in (Album)

Laure Shang swifts through genres with ease as she continues exploring pop with electronic sounds, as well as going through a softer version of hard rock, ethnic tones, new wave and blues.