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Juan: A Life in Music

In addition to the rest of the YAM Magazine gang, I’ve decided to take you on a journey through my life in music — one album per year (with a few ties)!


2NE1 – I Am the Best

South Korea’s most popular girl quartet is finally back with a brand new single and music video, directed by Seo Hyun Seung.


Moulin Rouge!

The best way to describe Moulin Rouge! is to call it a hyper surreal remix of everything sugary that we love with an added tinge of acid.


Capsule – World of Fantasy

World of Fantasy is still an improvement on last LP Player, simply because it dares to veer away from that album’s tired template of electro bangers, identical as it was to everything Capsule have made in the last five years.


Mc Luvin – Animal

Mc Luvin is a French duo formed by Gystère (Frer200) and Drixxxé (producer of Triptik). The video, directed by Arthur King, is the single from their Animal/Song for a Friend EP, which was released on June 6th.


Sargasso Trio – Living Without You

In honor of the release of their second album Get to Grips — on July 18th — Sargasso Trio are giving away a FREE download of their song Living Without You to pump us all up for the release of the album’s official first single on June 20th.


Were the World Mine

In preparations for the school’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream play, Timothy mixes a magic potion that can make anyone fall in love with the first person their eyes meet, setting out to enchant Timothy, and turning everyone in town gay.