Darren Hayes – Bloodstained Heart

We can always rely on Darren Hayes to deliver something whenever there’s too much Asian around. His single, Bloodstained Heart — which is actually his second single before Black Out the Sun [MV] from his fourth album entitled Secret Codes and Battleships — puts Darren in the position of a possible guardian angel accompanying her charge through difficult times. Of the song, Darren explained [1]:

The song means so much to me because I wrote it about a time in my life when someone close to me was going through a horrible time, and I wished more than anything that I could step in and take the bullet for them. We’ve all experienced that helpless feeling of standing by idly while someone you love is suffering – and wished that you could absorb the impact for them. It’s about those situations in life where, maybe you feel you are losing the battle, but you’ll never lose your dignity.

The music video was directed by Chris Cottam.

Secret Codes and Battleships will be out October 17th in the UK and October 21st in the rest of the world.

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