Bjork – Moon

Though the release of Bjork’s album, Biophilia, has been delayed until October 10th — due to differences in the sound output for the Biophilia iPhone App and the album, as was explained in a recent announcement:

I felt the album had different kinda growth potential than the app box and it is important to follow those hunches even though they are slippery and you don’t know sometimes where they are taking you.


Bjork has put together the music video for Moon, which she art directed, produced and directed… which can only mean one thing: PURE BJORK.

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  1. Right now, I’m listening to the new Bjork album (don’t ask how I got it).

    My first impression is that it’s really good with a very strong second half. Vocally, she sounds amazing as usual while the music is a bit more minimal with bits of harsh electronics and some simple, acoustic instrumental pieces.

    If I have the motivation, I’ll post a review at my other blog in the Void-Go-Round.

    • amy says:

      @Steven, that’s exciting! I actually love Bjork the best when she uses her voice without much enhancements. My favorite of hers is Medulla~

      By the way, how do you keep two blogs? xD

      • @amy, Well. I’m on Blogger and since I use my main blog Surrender to the Void as my main blog for films. Also having been experienced in writing music reviews. I decided to do another one strictly for music. I’ve been writing on both films and music for more than 10 years so I needed something where I can do films on one blog and music on another.

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