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Way to Go, Ayu~

Celebrating now 15 years in her career, Hamasaki is one of the few Japanese artists that are putting social media to good use — and to celebrate with her fans, she’s uploaded her yearly New Year countdown concert on YouTube.


Amy’s Blast from the Past: Xiang~ Jian, Jian, Dan, Dan, Ai~

Well, he has just uploaded a crisp and clear version of the non-plus ultra song~ Simple Love (簡單愛) — if you ever checked my Beginner’s Guide to Jay Chou list, you would know this is my cherry-popping Cpop song. Perfect for this Blast from the Past.


Thy Idols … Thy Inspirations

How does creativity get passed on and programmed into the genes of humans from generation to generation? From Bjork to Shiina Ringo to My Chemical Romance, Adrienne argues for a most “non-traditional” way — and backs it up with some of the most interesting fan-made videos out there.