Editor’s Chatroom: Crowdfunding

Amy: Hello, everyone!
Julyssa: Buenos dias!
Amy: Welcome to another’s Editor’s Chatroom~~~
Julyssa: woot woot!
Amy: Today’s topic is~~~
Julyssa: Global crowd collaborations!

Amy: I know you have just been bitten by the crowdsourcing bug. How many projects have you helped until now?
Julyssa: So far 3! And I would love to help more. I am a very generous soul, so I would be giving money away like crazy, and forget that I have bills….
Amy: If we were rich, we would help a lot of people haha.
Julyssa: Pretty much.
Amy: I think I’ve helped 3 projects this year as well…
Julyssa: Hey! We should start a YAM Magazine fund and help artists around the world!
Amy: I’ve begun regretting helping one of the projects, though…
Julyssa: Same here >.> I am still under the impression that it’s one very horrible joke, or a very clever social experiment…
Amy: Anyway — I want to know when was the first time (or the first time you remember) aiding a project monetarily.
Julyssa: I’ve done it for a long time, mostly local projects, such as helping dance crews get to travel, sport clubs, schools… but this is the first time I am giving money in a bigger scale
Amy: But those were more like donations, right?
Julyssa: Well, isn’t crowdsourcing a donation as well?
Amy: I think crowdsourcing, to me, feels a little more like contributing to a project to see what comes of it.
Julyssa: Like a gamble?
Amy: Kind of. The first time, I remember I gave money because I wanted things to keep on going… I helped someone pay for their website server. 
Julyssa: Have I given money to pay for YAM Magazine’s server? O_o??
Amy: No, you haven’t. I’ve funded the site for the first three years, I think.
Julyssa: Well oops….
Amy: You are all helping with your time and hard work.
Julyssa: ^^v

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  1. amy says:

    How’s this for creative crowdsourcing: http://youtu.be/Ew4Y5HLyT6c xD

  2. amy says:

    Amanda Palmer has a bit of insight on this Crowdfuncing business:

    “so, are you loaded?”


    well, you tell me. depends on your definition of “loaded.”

    let’s say this kickstarter hits a million dollars in pledges by may 31st.

    TRULY? first i’ll run naked through the streets, yelling hallelujah.
    because this WORKED.

    but financially, realistically?
    first i’ll pay off the lovely debt – stacks of bills and loans and the like – associated with readying all of the stuff that had to happen BEFORE i brought this project to kickstarter.”

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