Amy’s Blast from the Past: Xiang~ Jian, Jian, Dan, Dan, Ai~

YouTube has come a long way… artists and their distribution have come a long way. It wasn’t long ago that fans would be uploading their favorite artists music videos on YouTube, sharing their passion, and spreading their love… at the same time as getting their accounts suspended for uploading those music videos.

How time flies!

Unlike Namie Amuro celebrating her 20th anniversary by uploading her 37 17-sec CM clips on her official YouTube channel — probably still managed by Avex — Jay Chou’s YouTube channel has been building up slowly for these past couple of months with his latest full-length music videos, and for the past couple of weeks building his past videography.

Well, he has just uploaded a crisp and clear version of the non-plus ultra song~ Simple Love (簡單愛) — if you ever checked my Beginner’s Guide to Jay Chou list, you would know this is my cherry-popping Cpop song. Perfect for this Blast from the Past.

Love him or hate him, Jay Chou has become a pop culture staple in the Chinese music industry.

Directed by Zhong Ping Huang.

Also, thank you Jay for uploading your videos on your channel. The hard-working team at JVR Music is very much appreciated.


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