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Lee Jung Hyun – V MV

South Korean singer-actress Lee Jung Hyun is making a much anticipated comeback after three years of absence in the music world with a new album, a new single… directed by Park Chan Wook and Park Chan Kyung.


Katya (Short Film)

A Russian woman named Katya who arrives in America and takes the cab ride of her life when she meets her driver, Viktor, a Russian man whose path may have crossed with Katya’s past one way or the other.


Blue Umbrella, The (Animated Short)

The story in Unseld’s The Blue Umbrella is quite simple- It begins raining and the city becomes alive… literally. Then Blue Umbrella shows up in a sea of black-colored umbrellas and meets Red Umbrella. It’s love at first drop of water.


Fingering (Thai Film)

Early in the year, a Thai film/short caused some ruckus when it launched its trailer onto the web, as it appeared to be about a tomboi named Chaeng who seems unable to satisfy her girlfriend Mi.