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B (Japanese Short Film)

B is a short from the Hijoshi Zukan short film compilation, about an archeologist who doesn’t like to wear a bra and her male co-worker who wears one.


Candy Rain

Candy Rain is a collection of short pieces that revolve around a group of Taiwanese women who happened to be attracted to women. Neither of the stories deal specifically with the coming out process, important times in our lifespan, or deals with social order.



A woman is working the streets of Akihabara looking for a gig as a “Maid Tour” guide, as her phone rings and meets up with a man, whom she used to know.


Cinemovida’s Silent Fest

Cinema is the tool by excellence to make a narrative out of mere image and sound. That’s why Cinemovida created Silent Fest, a way to showcase the local Puerto Rican film industry talent.


TVXQ! – Before U Go

Latest single Before U Go (이것만은 알고가) is an R&B song from now duo DBSK, who have just released a repackaged version of their album Keep Your Head Down, released early January this year.


Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne follows two Korean men that used to be lovers as they meet once again by chance.


I’m Jin-Young

I’m Jin-Young follows the story of a little girl, whose name is Jin-Young, who can’t wait to grow up. This feeling of wanting to grow up fast is enhanced when she meets the friend of her mother, Hyun-ji… and falls in “love” with her.


Kid, The (1921)

Charles Chaplin’s The Kid follows a man and a little kid that have been brought together by fate, when his mother abandons him and he ends up in poor neighborhood living with a tramp.


Eve (Short Film)

Eve tells the story of an encounter between a grandmother and her granddaughter Kate, who’s coming to visit the day Grandma’s got a date with Joe.