Lee Jung Hyun – V MV

South Korean singer-actress Lee Jung Hyun is making a much anticipated comeback after three years of absence in the music world with a new album, a new single… and a new movie to boot.

Director Park Chan Wook — yeah, the one who has been kinda spooky with Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman in Stoker recently — alongside his brother Park Chan Kyung were in charge of the music video directing actor Jin Goo, who stars in this as the unsuspecting victim of some eerie voodoo creepy head-turning doll Lee Jung Hyun, who then goes all Corpse Bride on us. Lee and Jin are starring together in the film Battlefield – Whirlwind Sea (명량, 회오리 바다)… which has nothing to do with this video. xD

But alas, it’s Kpop after all. The song described as electro swing [1], but it’s more like wacky Kpop electropop fits the “off” sense of the Park brothers’ piece, and… anyone here got chills and had a flashback to Narsha’s Bbi-ri-bop-a [MV] days?? It gives me the spooks.

As with anything wacky Kpop, I have no idea why the song is titled as V [translation], and I wasn’t able to get credits for producers and lyrics, so I guess they aren’t all that important?

Lee Jung Hyun has a full album scheduled to be released this year.


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  1. Roxanne says:

    This video is hilarious. I think it’s kind of brilliant. I’m not sure I love the song… but it wouldn’t have worked if the song hadn’t been slightly ridiculous.

    • amy says:

      @Roxanne, yeah. A serious song would have gotten the mood of the video all wrong. I’m afraid PCW fans will dismiss the MV for being Kpop and not serious enough or something (see Fincher and Timberlake LOL).

  1. July 22, 2013

    […] and now Park Chan Wook’s full promo video for Lee Jung Hyun’s V is out – but, as YAM Magazine says, the song’s pretty generic nonsense. Best just enjoy the gothic visuals […]

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