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Amazing Spider-Man, The (2012)

Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man comes across as a visually darker film driven by human emotions and scientific touches thanks to the direction and the screenwriting team.


Brave (2012)

Brave is ultimately the story about a mother and a daughter. Brave is the story of families torn apart by pride.


Avengers, The

The culmination of years of work that started back in 2008 with Iron Man (and Robert Downey, Jr.). It was very important that Marvel got this right. And oh boy, they certainly did!



Keizoku is a 1999 Japanese show of 11 episodes centering on the life of Jun Shibata, who has just begun her internship at the Sector 2 of the police department in charge of unsolved cases.



Steven Soderbergh’s first big action flick is an entertaining ride full of punches and well-known actors.


Karate Girl (2011)

Let me be completely clear about Karate Girl — it’s one of the best action C movies ever made. It certainly is a huge improvement from the Kimura/Nishi 2009 Z movie High-Kick Girl!, also starring Rina Takeda.