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Juan: A Life in Music

In addition to the rest of the YAM Magazine gang, I’ve decided to take you on a journey through my life in music — one album per year (with a few ties)!


Beyoncé – 4

On 4, Beyoncé belts it out like her life depended on it — she may come off a little excessive, but it’s nice to see a little glimmer of soul once in a while.


Alex – If You Want to Go Crazy

Alex (알렉스), from popular trio Clazziquai, is back with his second studio album JUST LIKE ME. The MV for the title track If You Want To Go Crazy was released on June 1st, 2011.


Aziatix – Cold

The men of Aziatix are back with a follow up single, fresh off their self-titled EP. It’s another great r&b/soul track.

Lisah Halling – Stockholm, Sweden 2011 0

Lisah Halling – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

Lisah Halling and her band did a small concert at Soutside Pub in Stockholm on May 4th. A very small venue that quickly got filled to the brink. As always, Lisah Halling got the crowd jumping, singing along and asking for more.