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B (Japanese Short Film)

B is a short from the Hijoshi Zukan short film compilation, about an archeologist who doesn’t like to wear a bra and her male co-worker who wears one.


Gun Hill Road Trailer

After three years in prison, Enrique (Esai Morales) returns home to his family — wife Angela (Judy Reyes) and his 16-year-old son Michael (Harmony Santana), who’s experiencing a sexual transformation that will put Enrique in bind.


XXY (2007)

This is the dramatic story of a intersexed 15-year-old. She lives with her parents, who have to cope with the challenges of her medical condition.


Last Friends

Last Friends is a Japanese drama chronicling the friendship between Ruka and Michiru.


Exes and Ohs – Season 1

Exes & Ohs is the story of Jennifer, a sort of quirky indie documentary director whose on the rocks relationship comes crashing down and she’s unable to move on a year after the incident.