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2011 – 1939 Film Blogathon

YAM Magazine is crashing the Classic Movie Blog Association’s party by unofficially participating in its only-members 1939 Film Blogathon, and hosting every non-CMBA-member post about anything of 1939 worldwide cinema.


Love my Life

Based on the popular manga by Yamaji Ebine, Love My Life is the story of quirky Ichiko and solemn Eri whom are secret lovers. Ichiko decides she wants to tell her father about her relationship and receives quite a shock when her father confesses he’s also homosexual.


Letters from Kanai Nirai

Letters from Kanai Nirai tells the story of Fuki Asato, a girl living in the Okinawan islands away from everything that could resemble a big metropolis, including being away from her mother who left the island when Fuki was only seven. Since then, every year on Fuki’s birthday she receives a letter from her mom, making Fuki dream of meeting again.



Okuribito tells the story of Daigo Kobayashi, an average cellist who’s lost his job and is forced to go back to his hometown where he finds a job as a traditional funeral “artist” to prepare the dead for their “departure.”


Hula Girls

Hula Girls, set in the 1960s, follows a group of girls that set out to learn to hula dance in order to save their town from the decline of the coal mining industry. The heads of families are losing their jobs, and tensions arise from the fact that they want to open a Hawaiian center in a really cold city.