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Amy’s 2013 in Movies

I gotta admit, I had to work extra hard to make the categories fit with the films this year.


Cold War (Hong Kong Film)

Cold War begins when one of the city’s hot spots gets bombed and a police van (alongside five officers) get taken away, held hostage and in-waiting for a handsome ransom. Dirty cops, corruption, ambition and a power struggle adorn Cold War to make it one of the most entertaining recent Hong Kong films.


Simple Life, A (2011)

A Simple Life is a simple story about a man named Roger and the anything-but-simple relationship with the woman who has worked for his family for 60 years of her life, Tao Jie.


Detective Dee

Detective Dee is called to the scene to solve mysterious deaths due to sudden combustion, before Empress Wu Zetian’s coronation.


What Women Want (Chinese Film)

Remake of the American romantic comedy What Women Want by Nancy Meyers, starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, I Know a Woman’s Heart (to avoid confusions) puts Chinese superstars Andy Lau and Gong Li in the title roles.


Shaolin (2011)

Set during the early days of the Republic of China, when the country was fragmented by foreign powers and warlords fought each other for land dominance, warlord Hou Jie defeats his enemy and manages to mock the monks at the Shaolin temple who tried to intervene.