Amy’s Blast from the Past: Tula Need a Sign Sign Da Dah Da-Da-Dah

I think I’ve come up (finally) with a short blog post idea. Amy’s Blast from the Past is going to be a weekly — I’m gonna try really hard, I promise — post about something that has already passed. It could be a trailer of an old movie I just watched and loved, or an old music video that has just been re-posted. *cough* Thank you, Brown Eyed Girls.

What a surprise to be checking my YouTube timeline (which is acting funky, btw) and find a new upload… I didn’t think I would see the full version of the Japanese version of Sign.

Of course I think this version of the video is a wishy washy version of the Korean music video — which is a somewhat public appropriate version of Oldboy (ha!), but it’s hard to complain when BEG are there all stylish in the classy Japanese modern near-minimalist get ups. Then there’s the fan choreography, of course. I love the fans. LOL I have an embarrassing childhood fan pop thing for fans because of things such as Locomia [1]. LOL

Then there’s the Funny Subtitled version of Sign. I could just die laughing because it’s actually made me sing along the song even more. It’s very accurate, you have to admit. It could be the part about where Miryo goes “it’s me! Poke a guy you know we mad POM POM POM!” or the part about “being more than gay in a Vancouver show.

Hard to imagine that it’s been more than two years since I began following Brown Eyed Girls. xD


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