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Quartet (Jdrama)

Four people meet to form a mediocre string quartet, revealing along their journey their stories, their weaknesses, and their ultimate unremarkable purpose in life: Make music that they enjoy.


Oyaji no Senaka

Oyaji no Senaka is a 10-episode series anthology focusing on fathers’ relationships with their children and families, written and directed by ten different teams of creatives and featuring ten different sets of actors.


Double Face

Double Face is a two-part television drama collaboration between TBS and WOWOW. It is a remake of the successful Hong Kong film, Infernal Affairs (無間道), starring Hidetoshi Nishijima as the undercover policeman, and Teruyuki Kagawa as the mole.


Shiina Ringo – Companion to Freedom

Shiina Ringo has just unleashed her latest single, the music video for the song Companion to Freedom (自由へ道連れ). The song is the theme for Nakai Masahiro’s latest TBS drama Ataru, which also stars Chiaki Kuriyama.


Jin 2 (2011 Jdrama)

Jin 2 is the second series of the 2009 Japanese drama, Jin, about the brain surgeon who time-slips back to the Edo during the years of very important historical changes.


Jin (2009 Jdrama)

A brain surgeon time-slips back to the Edo period, where he will be in the middle of very important historical changes.



Keizoku is a 1999 Japanese show of 11 episodes centering on the life of Jun Shibata, who has just begun her internship at the Sector 2 of the police department in charge of unsolved cases.