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ULALA SESSION – Beautiful Night

Ulala Session (울랄라세션, Ooh La La Session) releases their first single, Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤), which starts at a boring wedding, featuring actress Park Han-byul, when all of a sudden the atmosphere of the video bursts out the very best style of Footloose.


How R&B Has Lost Its Soul

How is it that a form of music so integral to the individualization of Black Americans becomes something of a farce in their hands? While it’s a debate that’s been beaten like the proverbial dead horse, it’s one that still bears consideration.


Rush – Headlong Flight (Lyric Video)

A new teaser single just got released on the Canadian Power trio Rush’s website. The name of the new single is Headlong Flight and I believe that it is going to fit right in on the new album Clockwork Angels that is going to be released in June later this year.