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Giesagöbbels – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

The Giesagöbbles played hard and fast in front of about 70 screaming people at the Nalen Klubb (club) stage in Stockholm. The small basement-looking club fast became an inferno of hair, leather and sweaty men closely pressed together in the chaotic mosh-pit.


No Brain – High Tension

High Tension is full of fast paced songs that will, ironically, help relieve your tensions as you listen. I’m happy to add another hard hitting No Brain album to my collection of music I can listen to when I need energy.


Reflector – Melt

Chinese punk rock band Reflector releases their single Melt (溶化) from their latest EP Release You (释你) under Pilot Records (飞行者唱片).


FLiP – Cart ni Ago

All girl band FLiP return with new single カートニアゴ(Cart ni Ago). The band consists of Sachiko Tanaki on vocals and guitar, Yuko Nagadou also on guitar, Sayaka Miyagi playing bass and Yuumi Tamaki rockin’ the drums