Reflector – Melt

Formed in 1997 when members Li Peng (lead vocals and guitar), Tian Jianhua (bass and vocals), and Ye Jingying (drums) got hold of a Guns ‘N Roses album, Reflector (反光镜) is one of the most popular punk rock bands from Mainland China, even getting featured on outlets like CNN and Newsweek.

In 2001, Reflector became one of the first bands to hold a US tour in various West Coast cities, and even opening for Pennsylvania punk rock band Anti-Flag. Since their debut, they are a common fixture in Mainland China’s music festivals and have appeared on a number of music compilations.

Signed under Pilot Records (飞行者唱片), the band released their EP Release You (释你), from which this single comes from. Melt (溶化) will also include a nationwide tour where fans will be able to meet and greet the band.

If you want to know more about Reflector, check their entry in Rock in China.

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