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Giesagöbbels – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

The Giesagöbbles played hard and fast in front of about 70 screaming people at the Nalen Klubb (club) stage in Stockholm. The small basement-looking club fast became an inferno of hair, leather and sweaty men closely pressed together in the chaotic mosh-pit.


Limp Bizkit – Lima, Peru 2011 – Gold Cobra Tour

Without a doubt, there was plenty of interest from people in seeing Limp Bizkit live. After all, many of their fans in Peru grew up listening to the Significant Other and Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water albums that made the band famous.


Exist Trace – Twin Gate

All girl Visual Kei bands are a rare breed, which makes Exist Trace a jewel among indie visual bands. Although they’ve been around since 2003 Twin Gate is their first full-length album.


YAM – Issue 008

Well, we’ve got reviews for Bright Star, Nine, Princess and the Frog, New York I Love You, Anvil: The Story of Anvil, Sa Dingding’s sophomore album Harmony, SNSD, 2AM, Mosquito-voice Kim JongKook, Modern Family, Nurse Jackie and more!

Plus! We’ve got articles on the direction of Chinese Pop music, our list of actresses that should get a cable show, and our picks that should have been Best Picture nominees at the Academy Awards.


KISS – Lima, Peru 2009

The place? The “Estadio Nacional”. The People? The KISS Army. The time? Nine o’clock. There was a lot of people, all different ones… young people waiting to see if the band was as good as their parents had said. Old people with their eyes filled with joy.