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Rhys Ford – Dirty Secret

In the sequel to Dirty Kiss, we find Detective Cole McGinnis yet again in the line of fire, as he tries to locate Shin-Cho’s missing father. However, with Jae-min now in the mix there’s much more on the line for Cole than simply trying to stay alive long enough to close this case.


Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop proves to be an immensely entertaining animated series that can only be described as a neo-noir space western.


Amy Lane – Sidecar (2012)

Sidecar doesn’t need verbose overstatements of appreciation, exaggerated appeals of its brilliance. A story is as simple as love itself, it stands alone and shines on its own merits.


Oldboy (2003)

Dirty walls. A bed. A bathroom. A television. Meals that mysteriously appear three times a day. Complete and utter isolation. This is Oh Dae-su’s existence for 15 years.


Brave (2012)

Brave is ultimately the story about a mother and a daughter. Brave is the story of families torn apart by pride.