LaLa Hsu – You Made my Day MV

LaLa also dropped a single, which was a huge tease when making my Top50. The song titled You Made my Day (是日救星) was written by LaLa, as well as composed by her and Zheng Nan (鄭楠), who’s been making music with biases Hebe [1][2][3] and Yoga Lin [1]. I think he’s earned his tag.

The song is great, classic LaLa but new at the same time. “I think” is the main song, part of an upcoming concert album of (maybe) the same title with tickets that went on sale on December 28th for two dates— one at the Taipei Arena (台北小巨蛋) on April 22nd (Sat) and the other at the Kaohsiung Arena (高雄巨蛋) on May 6th (Sat).

The MV was in charge of, who else, BOUNCE. :P


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