AMIT – Super Conflicted + AMIT2 Music Video Dump

In late March, A-Mei’s alter-ego made a comeback with the freakishly Freak Show (怪胎秀) [MV]; through out the months, she’d released 9 out of the 10 songs in the AMIT2 album [iTunes], reaching its latest lag with -possibly- my favorite track: Super Conflicted (衝突得很).

The almost Hieronymus-Bosch-like wacky music video was done by director Chung Lun Wu.

Though the song is probably one of the more conventional-sounding tracks in the whole album (featuring metal, reggae and other genres), it’s the lyrics that sold me the idea completely:

Love is the most beautiful and most ephemeral hope humans have found.
Sex is the most enjoyable and emptiest desire humans have found.
Time is the most specific and most abstract procedure humans have found.
Drugs are the most delightful and most mournful tumble humans have found.
The Universe is the greatest and most insignificant existence humans have found.
Faith is the most genuine and most illusory eternity humans have found.

Humans with conflicting views are, without a doubt, incomplete souls with defects.
Humans with conflicting views, super conflicted, good and evil are hard to separate [but also struggle] to co-exist.

Philosophy is the most complicated and simplest logic humans have invented.
Technology is the most long-term and most short-sighted innovation humans have invented.
Politics are the most advanced and most dangerous games humans have invented.
The media is the most fascinating and most juvenile toy humans have invented.
War is the most irritating and stupidest competition humans have invented.
Art is the deepest and boldest connection humans have invented.

But this is our happiness,
And this is our freedom.
Every day we constantly make choices.
How long will it take before embracing wisdom?
Characters are…
Music is…

Here are the rest of the AMIT2 videos~

Matriarchy (母系社會) dir. Bounce

A Bloody Love Story (血腥愛情故事) dir. Bounce

What D’ya Want? (你想幹什麼) dir. Bounce

Jamaican Betel Nut (牙買加的檳榔) dir. Bounce

High Maintenance (難搞) dir. Bounce

Give the Work a Break (放了那個作品) dir. Finger and Toe

Insomnia (不睡) dir. Chung Lun Wu

Insomnia also features a music composition by Sandee Chan ;) FYI.


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