Hebe Tien – Insignificant MV

Oh, wow. After launching a super cryptic teaser two weeks ago [1], Hebe has released the first single from her upcoming third studio album, which are both titled Insignificant (渺小).

I can’t wait.

Though I’ve seen a couple of people stating that Laure Shang would be the one following into Faye Wong steps [they may be somewhat right], checking out the feedback from this music video — directed by BOUNCE and shot in Iceland (too, [1]) — the comparisons (and giddiness) is overwhelming. It gives you a lot of Faye vibes, it’s true. And the content, it’s so very poetic. By the end of it all, the poem Under One Small Star by Polish Wislawa Szymborska is quoted [1], and I’m just really waiting for a proper translation of the song to pop up. Unlike most songs, I really look forward to translations of her songs.

It’s a great video, great arrangements by JerryC… with music by Venk Yang (楊子樸), lyrics by Hong Kong lyricist Chow Yiu Fai (周耀輝), who’s written songs for the likes of Sammi Cheng, Anita Mui, Eason Chan, Faye Wong, Denise Ho, Joey Yung, among others.

If only HIM would take things seriously and use the captioning option ;P

— update Dec 10, 2013 —

Cfensi (via jjss08) has just posted a translation of the song. It also turns out that HIM has published their own English subtitles. I have just meshed them together in my Spanish translation.


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