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Leehom Wang’s deal with Sony Music is up, he’s now label-free. For many a new act, that would be a big nightmare… for others struggling with their big bosses, it’d be a relief. For Leehom, who has been working in the industry for years, and has millions of fans across Asia, a few scattered over the rest of the world~ it’s a new road to take.

For his latest single, 12 Zodiacs (十二生肖), which apparently serves as a song for Jackie Chan’s upcoming movie Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖, the same title in Chinese) and that’s why he shows up halfway through the video, Leehom is letting people download the track for $1USD either via Alipay (the Chinese version of Paypal) or via Paypal to show him the best way that he can reach his audience.

I think buying Leehom’s music directly from his website is awesome, as the only fees he would need to pay are for Alipay and Paypal, and he doesn’t need the exposure that a platform like Bandcamp has to offer. What I’m not so certain is setting up a website with other artists, because that means… one more website you need to sign up for. Sighs.

Leehom, now that you’re a free agent — how about an interview about this new business model??

The song is pure chinked-out style [1] — I mean, dude, it’s a song about the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. The music video, directed by Leehom and Bounce, is all hyper-colorful geeky with an added extra dash of Jackie Chan dancing with Leehom. Nothing cool, just pure geeky fun.


A movie-cut version of the video has been released on Leehom’s YouTube channel.

— April 26th 2013 —

Behind the scenes footage has been uploaded on Leehom’s YouTube Channel.


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