Joey Yung – Strengthen the Efforts

Well, I didn’t know Joey Yung had a new album (or maybe I did, but didn’t care much) called Moment. It was released back in July. The first single to promote it was Just Right (正好) [MV], followed by Viewing Flowers in the Mist (霧裡看花) [MV]. This time around, Yung releases the music video for Strengthen the Efforts (加大力度), directed by BOUNCE.

Of course…

I have no idea what’s going on, but at the same time kinda like this chaotic, colorful visual going on. My favorite part is the ending sequence of the video, and I certainly could have done without some of the various shots at the beginning (like the one in the mansion with some of those extra shots of crazy glam Joey).

The song isn’t my cup of tea, though. It was written by Abrahim Chan (陳詠謙), who has written for a number of Hong Kong singers, including Eason Chan, Shawn Yue and Pakho Chau, and was in charge of three tracks on Yung’s album, while the song was composed (produced and arranged) by Carl Wong (王雙駿), who has also worked with Joey before, as well as Eason and Denise Ho.


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