Bibi Zhou – Close Friend

My favorite Super Girl is back, for realz this time- no random singles [1][2] [3] to stay in the spotlight or promoting anything; just one good old fashioned album release after the split from her label Gold Typhoon. The album is simply titled Unlock, and if I’ve been reading correctly, she’s been collaborating with some of the people that worked with her in NOW/WOW.

For example, Close Friend (密友) was arranged by Kubert Leung, and the music video is directed by BOUNCE. But she’s also working with others like Guo Ding (郭顶) who composed the song with lyrics by Sandee Chan, who – by the way – also has a pretty nice song with Bibi, titled Urban World (城市人间) [Xiami][YouTube], which was included in GT’s last grab for money release of a Greatest Hits album, Travel Through the Light (周游拾光).

Anyway, the music video has a nice visual quality with a sort of a storyline. The couple in the video looks like the couple on Lip Sync [MV], but I could be totally wrong.

There’s no YouTube upload at time of posting. It’s that fresh.

Of course, Close Friend is actually the SECOND single promoting Unlock, but I didn’t care much for Running Away [MV], like- at all.

— EDIT May 12th —

BOUNCE has just uploaded an HD version of the video.


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  1. Camiele says:

    So… I pretty much WANT this album… HaHA!

  1. May 12, 2014

    […] 密友 (Close Friend) [MV] […]

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