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JYJ – The Beginning

The Beginning is an album that’s an interesting mixture of lackluster, commendable, and well-composed tracks — a promising, albeit risky, debut that probably needs a few close listens to truly appreciate.


Aziatix – Ready, Set, Go!

Korean-American group Aziatix are rolling their Olympic spirit with the release of Ready, Set, Go! to encourage and rally all the athletes participating in this year’s summer games — which are about to start this Friday!


XIA – Tarantallegra

I can’t say I was completely prepared for this album. However, starting from the interlude you can tell that Tarantallegra is a completely different party monster all together.


Interview with Aziatix

Jenna got to sit down with Aziatix before their concert in Minneapolis. They talked about how they came together, their creative process and their plans for the future.


Aziatix – Cold

The men of Aziatix are back with a follow up single, fresh off their self-titled EP. It’s another great r&b/soul track.