Aziatix – Speed of Light

Aziatix just released a new single today, it’s title is Speed of Light. I’m happy they didn’t stick with what they used for the teaser, 299,792,258, it was a little long-winded. The song, however, is a great turn from their usual sound. It’s a bit darker in texture and the video follows along.

Directed by MINIsTree (aka: Oh, Min) of MUSICCUBE, INC, Speed of Light shows the guys in a more turbulent light than we are used to seeing them, using a gritty background and setting that is perfectly matched to the mood of the song. For Speed of Light, Jae Chong twisted away from the usually up-beat tunes that he and Aziatix create together and went with a little more unique style.

What do you think of the song’s style versus other Aziatix songs?


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