GaIn – Carnival (The Last Day)

The Brown Eyed Girls maknae is back with a brand new EP (aka. in Korean as a mini) titled End Again, and a brand new video directed by Hwang Soo-Ah. I recently saw these two threads on OneHallyu and Soompi Español that has listed a bunch of the videos directed by her, so I’ve updated some of the tagged videos, though I haven’t reconfirmed them myself.

Carnival (The Last Day) [lyrics at pop!gasa] was composed by Lee Min Soo with lyrics by Kim Eana. The lyrics are written from the point of view of someone that hasn’t been there, in an otherworldly sense, but comes back for just one special night at the carnival. So, basically, the music video is a literal representation of the song as we see an old man at a rather colorful funeral, who then turns into a young man once again to meet a very pale and orange-haired Son GaIn.

The styling is gorgeous. Since she’s naturally very pale, the pale bright orange (because of the lighting) hair really suits her with minimum color on her face. This is the first time I see her without smokey make-up. LOL

The video is also available on V APP.

GaIn talked a little bit about the Making of the MV, the styling and goofed around on a recent V APP session she broadcast before the release. She also showed she reads things online (possibly only in Korean), and leaves comments to thank writers… but no one replies because they all probably think it’s fake. xD

End Again is already available on iTunes, but a YesAsia purchase wouldn’t hurt. It’s set for release next week, and the album comes with a 64-page booklet with tons of photos. Happy listening, y’all!

— EDIT Sept 10th 2016 —

Damn it, Kpop fandom~Get it together. Though… these things wouldn’t happen if 1theK, CJ, JYP, SM, YG et al added that “directed by:” line in the description box OR in the video itself. I’m just saying~~~

According to these posts on Han Samin’s Instagram [1][2][3], he’s the one who directed the video.

Here, BIG!

Directed by: Han Samin.


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