Tagged: year: 2012


Paperboy, The

The Paperboy desperately tries to be trashy and fun, but ends up being an experimental mess that lets down its greatest asset.


Killer Joe

Killer Joe is a trashy, engaging thriller with so much grimy dark comedy stuffed within, you’ll never eat fried chicken again.


Mika Nakashima – First Love

Mika Nakashima has released the music video for her upcoming single First Love (初恋, Hatsu Koi), directed by Tadokoro Takashi (田所貴司), main theme for the romantic film Love for Beginners (今日、恋をはじめます).


Bjork – Mutual Core

Bjork is about to release her third remix album, titled Bastards, and has released the music video for Mutual Core remixed by These New Puritans, and directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.


Esteman – 1er Acto

Esteman’s debut album might exceed anyone’s expectation with his mix of pop and slight electronic influences all into a flavorful Latin wrap, swiftly singing back and forth in Spanish, English and French with the best of the new Colombian music scene… without ever forgetting the incomparable Andrea Echeverri, of course.


Lincoln (2012)

Steven Spielberg’s latest proves to be a reserved, timely biopic of Abraham Lincoln’s last few months as President of the United States.