Tagged: year: 2012


Dog Is Dead – Teenage Daughter

Indie pop band Dog Is Dead have released the fifth single from their recently released full length studio album debut, All Our Favourite Stories. Teenage Daughter, directed by Jordan Bahat, follows a lonely girl played by Nao Minami who collects golf balls for who knows what.


Faith Hill – American Heart

American country singer Faith Hill is back with the release of American Heart, directed by Trey Fanjoy, from Hill’s upcoming 2013 studio album Illusion.


Frankenweenie (2012)

Frankenweenie works because it is about the things Tim Burton knows and loves, and it’s the core of what Tim Burton is.


Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is a beautifully told film about souls in motion throughout time and space and the connection they share.


Amy’s Movie Alphabet

Mettel Ray is having a Movie Alphabet blogathon! So I thought it’d be fun to participate with my own mix… which proved to be varied. I wonder… will you find any surprise?


Tableau, Le (Animated Film)

Shaped after the styles of Picasso and Matisse, Le Tableau (or The Painting) tells the story of the characters of an unfinished painting, who decide to look for The Painter and let him finish his work.