Tagged: year: 2011


Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Nina and Sophia are two lifelong friends who aren’t speaking to each other any longer, until the day Sophia ends up in a coma and Nina discovers she’s been writing the story of Snow Flower and Lily.


Sunny (Korean Film)

Na-mi was the awkward transfer at school until she met Chun-hwa. Years after, Chun-hwa needs Na-mi’s help to get the gang together again.


Sahara Hotnights – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

Swedish female rockband, Sahara Hotnights, held a gig at Berns in Stockholm. They came out on stage in control, with great confidence and a whole lot of class. Yet something was amiss during this particualr gig.


Aleksandr Panayotov – Till Tomorrow

Ukrainian singer, Aleksandr Panayotov (александр панайотов), releases his first single, Till Tomorrow, directed by Roman Kucherskaya (Роман Кучерский).


Walking Dead, The: Torn Apart

The Walking Dead: Torn Apart provides a backstory for Hannah, best known as the Bicycle Girl zombie Rick Grimes encountered during the first episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.


Better Life (2011), A

Carlos hasn’t asked much from life as an illegal immigrant in the United States, except for a quiet subsistence as a gardener for the wealthier people of L.A. and a better future for his son Luis.