Tagged: year: 2008


Juan: A Life in Music

In addition to the rest of the YAM Magazine gang, I’ve decided to take you on a journey through my life in music — one album per year (with a few ties)!


Drifting Flowers

Drifting Flowers is a compilation of three different stories that entwine within the narrative to create one sole film.


Be Like Others

Be Like Others is an interesting documentary that sheds some light into Iran’s stand on transsexuality, which lets individuals that want to change their gender get operated, opening a whole new can of worms.


Were the World Mine

In preparations for the school’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream play, Timothy mixes a magic potion that can make anyone fall in love with the first person their eyes meet, setting out to enchant Timothy, and turning everyone in town gay.


Miao Miao

Xiao Ai finds the new Japanese exchange student, Miao Miao, interesting when she helps her find an old cake shop that is now a second-hand music shop, where they meet Chen Fei.