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Taiwan’s biggest poppy rock band Mayday is prepping a cover album of their songs by some staple Chinese/Taiwanese voices titled Women and herstory with Mayday (女也herstory with Mayday). Since they’re probably releasing a video for each of the covers, I’m gonna dump them all in this post.

The first one to go is Chinese (and now Vancouver-based) singer Qu Wanting (曲婉婷) with her cover of There Is a Kind of Life (生命有一种绝对), a single from their first compilation We Are Mayday (我們是五月天), in a black and white video shot by Raymond Lin (瑞門), who had previous shot Mayday’s You’re the One [MV].

More videos to come.

— JUN 22, 2015 —

Next up is film scorer Kay Huang (黃韻玲) [credited with the music in Sylvia Chang’s 20 30 40] with a cover of The Yet Unbroken Part of my Heart (我心中尚未崩壞的地方), a single from Mayday’s 2008 album Poetry of the Day After (後青春期的詩), which is arguably their best to date.

The music video is a fairy tale-like adventure quest of a warrior princess through the looking glass directed by TJ Huang (黃子然).

— JUN 23, 2015 —

Next up is (one of my bias) LaLa Hsu with an interpretation of Suddenly Missing You (突然好想你), another of the singles of Mayday’s Poetry of the Day After, and a masking tape (mostly Lyric) music video following a man remembering his “her” through a series of photographs directed by CHIU Huan-Sheng (邱煥升(邱董)).

— JUN 24, 2015 —

Then it was turn for Jia Jia (家家), who’s become one of the most prominent Taiwanese songtress to come out in the last couple of years. Her jazzy rendition of Can’t Let You Be Alone (我不願讓你一個人) — a single of Mayday’s End-of-the-World themed album The Second Round (第二人生) — has some gorgeous vocals and arrangements.

The illustrated Lyric Video was directed by Kyle Chuang (莊仲凱).

— JUN 25, 2015 —

I wasn’t aware of Eve Ai (艾怡良), but she’s got a lovely version of Like Smoke (如煙) — yes, another single off the Poetry album (hate to say I told you so) — with a video directed by cinematographer and lomography photographer Fisher Yu (余靜萍), who did the cinematography in Honey Pupu.

— JUN 28, 2015 —

Next comes a rendition of Mayday’s Tenderness (溫柔), an extract of their 2000 album Viva Love (愛情萬歲), in charge of Chinese-descent Malaysian singer Fish Leong (梁靜茹) and an illustrated black and white music video by Huang Zhong Ping.

— JUL 1st, 2015 —

Next up Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam (林憶蓮) with her rendition of Eternal Summer (盛夏光年) [of the movie that slays my heart open] with an artsy smoky video directed by Fisher Yu and MV director Chung Lun Wu (吳仲倫).

— JUL 4, 2015 —

Next up Hong Kong sensation G.E.M (鄧紫棋) with her version of You’re Not Truly Happy (你不是真正的快樂), which she had performed during her stay in the next-to-last season of I Am a Singer (我是歌手) [clip]. The music video, which sells the song for all its positiveness, was in charge of designer Alice Wang (王艾莉) [1]… who seems to have been in charge of the Cheer Vending Machine concept… so decide to direct herself.

— JUL 6, 2015 —

And the final video is in charge of Waa Wei who, in my opinion, does the best new arrangement of a song I didn’t care much for. Viva Love (愛情萬歲) [original MV] had a very green sound from the band, but Waa just took it to levels that brought back memories of early noughties Faye Wong. The video is directed by Hi-Organic.

For the complete YouTube playlist head over to the BIN Music channel.


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