Penny Tai – Thief

Continuing her solo activities; after forming the band Buddha Jump (佛跳牆) in 2011, releasing two albums with them and one last solo in 2013 titled Unexpected (純屬意外); Malaysian singer Penny Tai (戴佩妮) is back with a brand new single and music video titled Thief (賊, Zei), which is directed by Huang Zhongping.

The video features actor Huang Shang-Ho (黃尚禾), and actresses Aasta Yeh Chenting (葉辰莛), Jiang Yirong (江宜蓉), Vicci Pan Zhimin (潘之敏), and Weng Chia Wei (翁嘉薇).

The song follows the casual releases of Piano Keys (鋼琴鍵), Not to Be Continued (未完不待續), and Do Not Disturb (非誠勿擾). You can get the single on iTunes.

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