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A-Mei – Them

Them is the sixth single from her latest album, R U Watching?, which was released not long ago.


Chris Lee – The Dancing Artist

Chris Lee’s (李宇春) fourth studio album The Dancing Artist (会跳舞的文艺青年) captures the concept of simplicity and maintains it throughout the whole album in an effective way.


A-Mei Chang – My Most Beloved

A-Mei Chang’s latest album is set to be released next week. In the meantime, she releases the second single titled My Most Beloved (我最親愛的), after the release of What Time is it Already nearly two weeks ago.


Bibi Zhou – i.Fish.Light.Mirror

Zhou Bichang’s fifth full-length studio album i.Fish.Light.Mirror takes us through different music eras with songs that sound a bit 70s, a bit 90s pop rock and electronic ballads of the early 2000s.


Bibi Zhou – Time

Bibi’s back with Time, a full 10-track album that includes hit singles Sing Half a Song and Your Love — which was dedicated to her fans. At first listen, there isn’t anything remarkable about Time as an album, but it has its merits.