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SM Judge (Belgian Film)

SM-rechter is based on the true story of a Belgian judge who was accused of assault and battery against his wife, after she confesses to him that she would like to be dominated and they begin their sado-masochistic relationship.


Gotye – Save Me

Belgian-Australian musician Gotye has released the music video for Save Me, the fifth single from his third studio album Making Mirrors, directed by Peter Lowey.


The Suicide Shop Trailer

Imagine a world where people have no will to live, where the most thriving of stores is The Suicide Shop, where people shop for a variety of products to off themselves.

Gotye – Easy Way Out 0

Gotye – Easy Way Out

The video, which features stop-motion animation, finds Gotye enacting an endless loop of workaday drudgery: he wakes up, works all day and repeats the process indefinitely throughout the song.


Artist, The (2011)

The Artist is a film that works as a exposition of the film industry rather than a love letter towards classic films.