Around the World: Snow White and the Huntsman (Nearly) Worldwide

Hello, YAMMies! Welcome to our brand new section Around the World! In this new feature, we will be looking at our TOP10 visiting countries and talk about the movies (music, and maybe other stuff) they will be able to consume this week!

This week… it’s all about Snow White and the Huntsman!

Well, nearly EVERYWHERE, except for Japan, where the movie opens on June 15th, and Sweden, where it opens on June 8th. But not to worry– Sweden (as well as the UK) get Ridley Scott’s Prometheus this week, so you can all be mad jealous.


  • Snow White and the Huntsman [Trailer]
  • Chroniques Sexuelles d’une Famille d’Aujourd’hui [FR]
  • 6 Month Rule [Limited]
  • As One (코리아) [Limited] [Trailer] [KR]
  • Apartment 143 [Limited]
  • Battlefield America [Limited]
  • A Cat in Paris (Une VIe de Chat) [Limited] [FR]
  • Cellmates (2012) [Limited]
  • Chely Wright: Wish Me Away [Limited]
  • For Greater Glory [Limited]
  • Found Memories (2012) [Limited]
  • Hardflip (2012) [Limited]
  • High School (2012) [Limited] [Trailer]
  • Like Water (2011) [Limited]
  • Music from the Big House (2012) [Limited]
  • Pink Ribbons, Inc. [Limited]
  • Piranha 3DD [Limited]
  • Rowdy Rathore [Limited] [IN]
  • Ultrasonic (2012) [Limited]




  • Snow White and the Huntsman [Trailer]
  • Piranha 3DD
  • Virginia (2010)
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Endings [Limited]
  • Bernie (2011) [Limited] [Trailer]
  • Bienvenue à Bord (2011) [Limited] [FR]
  • Crooked Arrows [Limited]
  • For Greater Glory [Limited]
  • Fortunate Son (2011) [Limited]
  • High School (2012) [Limited] [Trailer]
  • Jack and Diane [Limited] [Trailer]
  • Jesus Henry Christ [Limited]
  • The Turin Horse (A Torinói Ló) [Limited] [HU]
  • U.N. Me (2009) [Limited]
  • The Whale (2011) [Limited]
  • Wish Me Away (2011) [Limited]

United Kingdom

  • Snow White and the Huntsman (May30) [Trailer]
  • The Angels’ Share (2012) (Jun.1)
  • Death Watch (1980) (Re-release)
  • Himizu ((ヒミズ) [JP]
  • LOL (2012)
  • On the Sly (À Pas de Loup) (2011) [FR/BE]
  • Prometheus [Trailer]
  • Rowdy Rathore [IN]
  • Top Cat (Don Gato y su Pandilla) [MX]
  • The Turin Horse (A Torinói Ló) [HU]

China/HK/TW — 中国/香港/臺灣

  • China / 中国
    • May 31st / 5月31日
      • Hugo (2011) (雨果) [Trailer]
      • I’m Here for You (为你而来) [CN/TW]
      • Xin Fang Xiang (心·方向) [CN]
      • Xin Ma Ma Zai Ai Wo Yi Ci (新妈妈再爱我一次) [CN]
      • Xiao Hong (2012) (萧红) [CN]
    • June 1st /6月1日
      • Animen II (超蛙战士之威武教官) [CN]
      • Happy Little Submarines 2 (潜艇总动员2) [CN]
      • Lacuna (2012) (醉后一夜) [CN]
      • Mirror Mirror (白雪公主之魔镜魔镜)
      • On my Way (跑出一片天) [CN]
      • Passion Island (2012) (热爱岛) [CN]
      • The Pirates! Band of Misfits (神奇海盗团)
      • The Thirty-Seven (2012) (三十七) [CN/HK]
  • Hong Kong / 香港
  • Taiwan / 臺灣
    • Snow White and the Huntsman (公主與狩獵者) [Trailer]
    • Bread of Happiness (幸福的麵包) [Trailer] [JP]
    • The Cold Light of Day (冷光線索)
    • Crazy Horse (2011) (巴黎瘋馬秀)
    • Melody (腳趾上的星光) [TW]
    • Piranha 3DD (3D 食人魚2:全面獵殺)
    • Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (飄洋過海,愛上妳) [Trailer]




  • Snow White and the Huntsman  [Trailer]
  • Bad Girls (女孩壞壞) [TW]
  • Din Tao: Leader of the Parade (陣頭) [TW]
  • L!fe Happens (2011)
  • Second Chance (La Chance de ma Vie) [FR/BE]


  • June 1st / 6月1日 (金)
    • Abduction (ミッシング ID)
    • Grave Encounters (グレイヴ・エンカウンターズ)
    • The Vow (君への誓い)
  • June 2nd / 6月2日 (土)
    • 11:25 The Day He Chose His Own Fate (11・25自決の日 三島由紀夫と若者たち) [JP]
    • l’Apollonide (Souvenirs de la Maison Close) (メゾン ある娼館の記憶)
    • Black Dawn (外事警察 その男に騙されるな) [JP]
    • BLOOD-C The Last Dark (劇場版 BLOOD-C The Last Dark) [JP]
    • Faust (2011) (ファウスト)
    • The Final Judgement (ファイナル・ジャッジメント) [JP]
    • I Don’t Know How She Does It (ケイト・レディが完璧な理由)
    • Jane Eyre (ジェーン・エア)
    • The Way (2010) (星の旅人たち)

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In the meantime, have a fun week!

The YAM Magazine Team.

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  1. Rodrigo says:

    I think that The Grey’s premiere in Peru has been pushed to next week instead, so it premieres along with 21 Jump Street and Madagascar 3. Just saying…

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