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Bibi Zhou – Black.Choice.White

The sound in Black.Choice.White marks a distinct path for Bibi, broadening her vocal range but still keeping a cohesive feel that makes it her most complete album since her NOW/WOW days.


Bibi Zhou – Lip Sync

Directed by Kuang Sheng, Bibi Zhou’s second single Lip Sync (对嘴) from her upcoming studio album Dark.Select.Clear (黑・擇・明) was written by Yao Ruo Long.


Bibi Zhou – Black Apple

BiBi Zhou releases the music video for Black Apple (黑苹果), directed by Kuang Sheng (邝盛), to promote her upcoming fifth album.


Bibi Zhou – My Dream

Bibi Zhou’s latest single My Dream (我的神奇) is set to promote the project by the China Youth Development Foundation to help the younger generation to face their dreams and let them grow in a positive environment.