Bibi Zhou – Black Apple

After its event release before the weekend, Mainland China’s pop star Bibi Zhou unleashes the music video for Black Apple (黑苹果) online to promote her upcoming yet unnamed fifth album.

Zhou had unleashed a 30sec. preview [1] last week surprising fans who had no idea she was working on a new album.

The first single shows a departure from BiBi’s generally R&B styled vocals like in Liuyang River 2008 [MV] and the eclectic vocals of such hits as Canned Fish [MV], or the powerful I Miss U Missing Me [MV]. This new direction lets Zhou delve into a more pop rock flare with electronic hints.

The music video was directed by Kuang Sheng (邝盛) who previously directed BiBi in Canned Fish, and has worked with an array of artists like Jay Chou, Sammi Cheng, David Tao, Eason Chan, Mayday, Faye Wong, Fish Leong and Jolin Tsai.

There’s a YinYueTai version available.

Director Kaung Sheng is not unknown to controversy. His music video for BiBi’s Canned Fish was caught by netizens for being a shot by shot remake of Arev Manoukian’s Nuit Blanche. As of today, it is uncertain if any further claims were made.

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  1. yam magazine says:

    Hope that Gold Typhoon releases a HD version of it.

  2. Julyssa says:

    I am digging the video, not so sure about the song… yet.

    • amy says:

      @Julyssa, I’m the other way around. I really dig the song – at least I dug it faster than Canned Fish – and the video is a bit lackluster after the 30sec. preview.

  3. ghost says:

    I could almost swear there’s a more shocking version of it, but maybe it was the angle the video of the video was shot.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, the version she’s performing on shows has naked white male chests. xD

      There’s only two shocking things in this video… Bibi’s naked back at the beginning, which fans were fuzzing about. xD and there’s the two women… about to, supposedly, make out — though that could be my dirty mind in the works.

  4. Flora says:

    BiBi shows her naked back and lays down on the ground like a new-born baby in order to indicate a process of rebirth, she wants everyone to konw her from the origin, from her music, not the change of her imagines or somrthing else . This album tends to be simple, you just need to listen to her music, that’s enough.
    Hope you can like it \(^o^)/~

    • amy says:

      @Flora, I remember there was a huge buzz wondering if it was Bibi’s naked back on Weibo haha. The album is really good, probably her best since changing labels.

  1. May 12, 2014

    […] 黑苹果 (Black Apple) [MV] […]

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