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P!nk – Fuckin’ Perfect

Fuckin’ Perfect is the second single to promote Pink’s greatest hits collection, Greatest Hits… So Far!!!. It was directed by Dave Meyers, who’s directed several other Pink music videos including Raise your Glass and Stupid Girls.


TVXQ! – Why? Keep your Head Down

Preparing for their debut Keep your Head Down as a two-member group, DBSK launches their first formal single 왜 (Keep Your Head Down) with tight beats and stylish sync dancing.


Up Girls – Love Me Boy

The pop girl group fad so popular across Asia has finally made it to the Chinese music market wtih Up Girls and their debut single Love me Boy.


TVXQ! – Athena

Having been gone for more than a year, the remaining members of the very popular group DBSK have released their very awaited single, 아테나 (Athena).



Big Bang members G-Dragon and TOP get together with this electropop song that, if we understood Korean, we would probably be mad at the lyrics.