Walrus – Seoul Witch

Walrus‘ follow-up single Seoul Witch, released last week on the 15th. Starring lead singer Jae-Wook Kim and co-starring Hye-Jin Han, the video tells the tale of two lovers stranded in the desert and how they get frustrated and separate.

I was beyond frustrated that they left out the band members in this video. They could have tucked them away in the back of the cafe, or in the background near the gas station — anywhere!


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  1. amy says:

    You know what I loved the most about this video? That it’s a Levi’s commercial, and we don’t even care. I don’t think we get a single shot of the branded jeans, like we did in the blatant commercials music videos of Britney or Avril. xD

    I think Koraen MV directors have perfected the art of product placement xD

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