Monkey Majik – Dream World

Also known as 夢の世界 (Yume no Sekai), Dream World is the first single of Monkey Majik’s sixth album titled westview, released on February 2nd 2011. The single is also being used to promote the BEE TV mobile drama The Party is Over (パーティーは終わった), starring Riisa Naka and featuring male co-stars Hiroki Narimiya, Kento Nagayama, Sousuke Takaoka, Kento Hayashi, and Keisuke Koide.

There’s also a special BEE TV mobile drama version of the music video.

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  1. ghost says:

    Monkey Majik is pretty good… a little too much Barenaked Ladies, but since it’s in Japanese it’s got an extra flavor. Catchy stuff.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, I like their songs as radio-friendly stuff. I only really love three of their tracks… Fly, Aishiteru and Forever.

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